F.P.Journe patrimoine

Created in 2016, the Patrimoine Service offers the collectors the opportunity to acquire an F.P.Journe timepiece from past collections that are no longer in production.
F.P.Journe repurchases rare watches in good condition in order to ensure to the future owner their original state (case and movement).
They then become available upon request in the F.P.Journe Boutiques and qualify for a new 3-year sales warranty.

The Patrimoine Service evolves and is also at your disposal if you are looking for a specific model.
We invite you to contact the Patrimoine Service via this form, indicating the model you are looking for. As soon as we have it, we will contact you.

We are currently looking for the following watches

Octa Chronographe Ruthénium
96/99-02C Brass movement
Octa Chronographe Ruthénium
01/99-02C Brass movement
Octa Jour/Nuit Ruthénium
01/99-02A Brass Movement


To be notified when new watches are available through the F.P.Journe Patrimoine Service